Digital-first organizations need to move at an unprecedented speed, keeping operations running smoothly and avoid any unnecessary risks. As such, Digital Leaders leverage Software Intelligence to see across vast application portfolios, understand complex systems better and gain insight to make better decisions, faster.  

This forum brings digital leaders together to share insight and lessons learned during transformation and quest to deliver best-in-class customer experiences.

Whether you're taking the first steps of your modernization journey or in the thick of it, there is no better opportunity than the Software Intelligence Forum to learn and connect with your Commercial and Public Sector peers.

Come share your journey with us.


Dave Norton

Dave Norton
Application Governance & Strategy Analyst (Agile, DevOps)

Karen Barth

Karen Barth
Director of Program Management


Shawn Burch

Shawn Burch
IT Executive Director


Parag Samarth

Parag Samarth
Managing Director - Application
 Services Financial Services


Liz Ebert

Liz Ebert
Vice President of NA American
 IT Advisory Lead


Phillip Crenshaw

Phillip Crenshaw
VP and Global Business Engineering
Leader, U.S. Strategic Business Unit


Steve Cooper

Steve Cooper
Partner, former CIO Commerce, FAA, DHS, American Red Cross

Don Estes

Don Estes
VP Application Modernization


Brad Loomis

Brad Loomis
Global Alliances Director, Master Architect, Special Projects
Cloud Technology Partners

Kevin Barnes

Kevin Barnes
Senior Database & Solution Architect
Capital One

Qinzhi Wang

Qinzhi Wang
Chief of Strategy & Transformation

Manulife | John Hancock

Derek Johns

Derek Johns
VP of Enterprise Architecture


Joshua Mordin

Joshua Mordin
Application Operations


Jose Vasquez

Jose Vasquez

BNY Mellon

Angie Gutierrez

Angie Gutierrez
IT Specialist

State Government

David Powner

David Powner
ex-GAO, Director,


John Marien

John Marien


Luke McCormack

Luke McCormack
Former CIO

Department of Homeland Security

Kristin Ireland

Kristin Ireland



8:30 am
Welcome Coffee
9:00 am

David Norton, Gartner analyst who just took on the directorship of the the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) will talk about standards, software intelligence and measurement of outcomes and why he's decided to take on his new role at the helm of CISQ.
- Dave Norton, Director, CISQ

9:30 am
Some "Truths" About Our Software

- John Marien, MITRE

9:45 am

Panel - Accelerating Beyond Cloud 101

After some quick wins -- lifting some lightweight applications to the cloud -- many CIOs are trying to figure out what's next. That requires a more challenging evaluation and detailed intel. Our panelists will discuss how to tackle the next phase of cloud, present strategies and experience to accelerate cloud migration, while reducing risk and disruption to the organization.
- Karen Barth, Director of Program Management, Microsoft
- Phillip Crenshaw, VP and Global Business Engineering Leader for U.S. Strategic Business Unit, CGI
- Brad Loomis, Global Alliances Director, Master Architect, Special Projects, Cloud Technology Partners

10:30 am
Networking Break
11:00 am
Case Study - Application Portfolio Management

A major insurance carrier presents their journey of using software intelligence to understand and modernize a large legacy application portfolio borne of many acquisitions.
- Qinzhi Wang, Chief of Strategy & Transformation, John Hancock

11:20 am
Case Study - Controlling Risk in Regulated Environment

Major wall street banking institution shares their approach to understanding their app portfolio, and addressing specific risks as they move to Cloud and deploy DevOps.
- Jose Vasquez, Process Improvement Analyst, BNY Mellon

11:40 am
Case Study - Refactoring for Security & Cloud

A major US banking institution presents their experience re-architecting core application to secure sensitive customer data prior to moving these applications to cloud.
- Kevin Barnes, Senior Database & Solution Architect, Capital One

12:00 pm
Case Study - Building a Software Intelligence Program

A super-regional US bank presents their program for architecture governance, measurement and continual improvement of their application performance and resiliency.
- Derek Johns, VP Enterprise Architecture, PNC Bank

12:20 pm
Networking Lunch

Industry Track Break Out

Public Sector Track Break Out

1:30 pm
Case Study - Reducing Cost by Working Smarter with Sourcing Partners

Global media brand shares their journey to improve IT cost structure while increasing level of process discipline, all while working in a globally outsourced ADM environment.
- Shawn Burch, IT Executive Director, Sony

Panel - Deploying Software Intelligence & Standards

Two practitioners from the U.S. Federal Government will describe their journeys in implementing software intelligence and standards to manage software quality, manage acquisition, and improve outcomes for their missions.
- Angie Gutierrez, IT Specialist, State Department
- Joshua Mordin, Application Operations, GSA

2:00 pm
Panel - Sourcing Innovation in the Digital Age

This panel will explore experiences from practitioners who have found effective approaches to build Agile teams and deliver innovation quickly while working with sourcing partners.
- Dave Norton, Director, CISQ
- Parag Samarth, Managing Director, Accenture
- Frederic Veron, ex-CIO, Partner, Ernst & Young

Panel - Aligning to Current and Future Mandates

The oversight environment from Congress, GAO, OMB and at the agency level continues to evolve. This panel will cover the latest changes in requirements based on recent EO's, MGT Act, and FITARA enhancements.
- Steve Cooper, Public Sector CIO, Partner, Fortium
- Dave Powner, ex-GAO, Director, MITRE
- Luke McCormack, Former CIO, U.S. DHS

3:00 pm
Networking Break
3:30 pm

Panel - Path to Successful IT Modernization

Achieving modernization goals require business alignment, IT reskilling, and a lot of software intelligence about your portfolio and key applications. The panelists will discuss how to chart a path towards modernization success; where to begin; and how to ensure it stays on course.
- Don Estes, VP Application Modernization, ATOS
- Parag Samarth, Managing Director - Application Services Financial Services, Accenture
- Steve Cooper, Public Sector Executive Leader and CIO, Partner, Fortium

4:15 pm
Intelligent Due Diligence for Tech M&A

Senior partner from Avanade and a CAST alliance leader will jointly announce and describe a new service to provide tech due diligence for acquisitions
- Liz Ebert, Vice President of NA American IT Advisory Lead, Avanade
- Kristin Ireland, CEO, Movere
- Greg Rivera, VP Technology Partnerships, CAST

4:45 pm
CAST Roadmap

The product team at CAST will describe current and future direction for AIP and Highlight
- Olivier Bonsignour, EVP of Product Development, CAST

5:15 pm
Closing Remarks
5:30 pm
Cocktail Reception

2018 Participants



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