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Managing large and complex software portfolios while modernizing applications for cloud migration has become overwhelming. It needn’t be.

Learn how leading IT executives and game-changing software black belts leverage software intelligence to make fact-based decisions and increase the pace of change, while reducing the risks involved.


Paul Beswick
Mark Schlesinger
Ravi Khokhar
Vincent Delarche
Harish Jayakumar
Aniruth Sarathy
Keys to faster modernization for cloud
Google Cloud’s application modernization leaders share common technical challenges and approaches for modernizing custom-built applications for cloud, including a demonstration on how to address migration blockers while safely accelerating complex application re-factoring.
Shawn McCarthy
De-risking application modernization
Modernizing a custom-built application consisting of millions of lines of code requires a deep understanding of its inner workings – something many firms lack due to attrition, business changes, and other factors. Learn how to automate the ‘archaeology’ process from the outset and avoid the all-too-common wrong turns and dead ends during large modernization programs.
Gayathri Pallail
Automation advantage in Software Engineering, fueled by software intelligence
Automation is key for safely accelerating application modernization for cloud, as well as for raising the overall efficiency of ongoing software run ops. Learn how you can leverage software intelligence in your automation strategy to accelerate cost optimization, speed to market and the refactoring process, while boosting your teams’ productivity.
Subhadeep Bhattacharjee
Automating open source risk control across the organization
Learn how to quickly stand up an open-source software (OSS) ‘control tower’ across your entire organization to better manage the legal compliance, intellectual property exposures, and security risks inherent in the OSS components of your applications – without disrupting developers.

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